About us

Ngaro is a company specialized on developing and market intelligent surveillance and control systems based on infrared imaging. More than ten years developing detection algorithms based on thermal technology put us at the forefront of thermal sensing market.

We supply high feature intelligent solutions to integrators and installers. Said solutions are destined to protect infrastructures, facilities, processes and people against terrorism, theft, sabotage, fire, intrusion or any other type of threat which is identifiable by its thermal signature.

Our solutions are the result of more than ten years of experience on telecommunications, integration of systems, analysis and control of infrared sensors, Geographic Information Systems -GIS- and real time software development. We work in close collaboration with national security forces, private and industrial security companies, fire departments, nature reserve management entities and civil protection forces.

Our strategy in order to arrive to the final customer is implemented through integrators and installers. To this end, Ngaro maintains a policy of developing and maintains stable relations of cooperation with agents with consolidated positions in the markets in which we operate.

"He tini nga whetu e ngaro I te kapua iti"

"Many stars can't hide behind a small cloud"

Maori proverb

Ngaro about us

Smart detection

In Ngaro we develop intelligent platforms that allow the detection, accurate positioning, management and real-time monitoring of events characterizable by its thermal signature, providing the operator an optimum knowledge of the security conditions of the environment. We Accelerate the decision-making process by reducing the response time in crisis situations.

Our solutions have a common architecture based on operational modules that enable thermal surveillance of the environment, the generation and communication of alarms according to predefined operating parameters, thermal image compression and communication, visualization, tracking and management of all this information from command and control centers and mobile devices, and automatic activation of response set. Moreover, Ngaro platforms allow the integration of other surveillance systems based on complementary technologies.

Modular platforms

Ngaro platforms present a modular and scalable architecture. They are structured in robust networks are with distributed intelligence, and its main features are based on two basic subsystems: detection units and command and control centers.

Ngaro platforms are designed to simplify the integration in existing monitoring and control systems, to improve the performance of their command and control centers and to improve reliability by adding a thermal monitoring functionality for those scenarios that require it.